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Yolk Universal iOS UI Kit

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Yolk Universal iOS UI Kit - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

The main goal is to create a modern and useful UI. This project is showing how to combine functionality and how to be easy for users in one system.Each screen design is in a way so that the application will be intuitive and easy for the user and effective for business purposes. This allows you to create new blocks and perform customisation or redesign very quickly and easily. The bock system help create personal dashboards for each client.The ui kit allows you to track all business indicators, calendars, calc, and whatever you wish. Simply drag & drop cards, elements and shapes. Similarly, add arrows, scale their width and height, rotate them to get professional and beautiful sitemaps, wireframes or diagrams within minutes.The UI kit works best with FF DIN Pro but you could find a version with the free Blogger Sans or update the text styles with any other typeface you prefer. The pack contains Sketch files only. I like Figma but it really takes time. I promise, I’ll try to deliver a Figma version… someday soon. All kind of feedback is welcome. Seriously, I mean it. Spending more time on something makes me biased and even blind for some obvious issues, so you could help me improve it and discover some problems.Features42 screens552 text styles47 custom made icons43 symbolsUniversal iOS UI Kit madeby Antoni BotevEnjoy this freebie!  Download freebie

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