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PlayStation Console App UI

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PlayStation Console App UI - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

PlayStation has one goal. Be the place to play. Anything that removes the player from their gaming experience, detracts from PlayStation. The Users experience comes above all else.At a time when the whole world is holding its breath and waiting for the release of the new console model, we will introduce you to a futuristic redesign of the mobile application. It is well known that most users actively use the phone application to be always connected to their console. Through this application you have access to your account – register coupons, continue your membership and change basic settings. The main element is the controller, which can be set remotely. Also, you can buy additional accessories or new games. The overall vision is based on Neumorphic design. Moreover, the theme is dark with blue accents. The buttons have a realistic look, embossed and in the main colors of the Playstation.Finally, there is option to connect this app to the original Sony games market.PlayStation Console App UI was designed by Dawid Tomczyk

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