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Pawon Indonesian Recipes

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Pawon Indonesian Recipes - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Discover millions of Indonesian recipes exclusive in Pawon! This is Pawon. Pawon is a recipe application design to guide you as you cook. This app is for people who just love cooking. Implemented with features such as discover recipes based on Indonesian region. You can find recipes that combine sweet and salty tastes at the same time! If you want to discover more about javanese, sumatra, sulawesi or kalimantan, this is the app for you! Maybe for you boiled egg with fried grapes sound strange? Try it now, it is delicious! In this app, you will find tons of recipes that will surprise you with different flavors and a whole new world of combinations! This UI design is super stylish, attention-grabbing and easy to use! If you want to try something new or remember Indonesian cuisine, this is the right place! Tons of recipes, tons of flavors and combinations that can surprise anyone! Made with love for the people that love cooking! FeaturesFigma fileUI designSize: 3,92 MB Feel free to use this UI design freebie resource for your personal projects. Enjoy this Figma UI Design! It will definitely inspire and surprise you!From the author“This is the latest exploration I am working on today. It’s an app design for a recipe to guiding you when cooking. This application for the people who like to cook. Implemented with features such as discover recipes based on Indonesian region, featured recipes with stories style, etc.”Pawon Indonesian Recipes was made by Reza Faiz A Rahman

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