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20 Headers Web Design

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20 Headers Web Design - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Most people have come to rely on home pages to give them a birds-eye view of what a company or website is about. That means you cant afford to waste this opportunity to deliver on that expectation. Of course, your home page header design can be unique to your brand, but the elements found within it really shouldnt be. Visitors expect scrolling wont be necessary in order to find out what a site will do for them. In essence, your header should be a 10-second story that proves to your visitors what value the site will be to them.Its not like your visitors are unaware of their ability to scroll down a page or to click through a navigation in order to learn more about the brand behind a site. But why should they have to do that? There is enough room in the header to provide a succinct message that tells them everything they need to know. And if 50 words or less isnt enough, the background image or design will communicate the rest of the story.Above all else, the home page header can make or break your visitors first impressions, which is why its so important to nail this section.In this pack you will find 20 absolutely different headers for your future website. But all of them has the same elements. They are ordered in so creative way that make them a real catch-eye design.20 Headers Web Designwas designed byHristo Hristov

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