10 Instagram Mockups for Figma and Adobe XD

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10 Instagram Mockups

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10 Instagram Mockups - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

We know how difficult it can be to give the perfect look to your personal or business instagram account. How do you know if your new post will match your posts in the feed? Also, the Instagram profile shows professionalism and dedication to the brand. If you want your instagram profile to be simple, but at the same time to be eye-cachy and to look simply amazing, this is your way! With many stylish templates for each of your posts. This is when this freebie will come in handy. Also, it is perfect for your business account, whether it is promoting a fashion or a travel agency. If you own any different project and you want to look professional and stylish this template is for you!Looking for the latest Instagram Mockups? Download and use for free this great and updated UI kit for your next project or presenting your new photo. This freebie includes the latest Instagram updates for 2021. Free PSD files allow you to edit, customize and modify all Instagram assets.Show your designs in a realistic environment. These mockups are perfect for presenting work such as social media, instagram, app mockups, etc. Crank out endless possibilities by dragging and dropping in new custom backgrounds. Plus this unique background is included in the project.10 Instagram Mockups freebie design by Ricky Schmuck

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