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WhatsApp Redesign UI Kit

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WhatsApp Redesign UI Kit - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

WhatsApp is the best and one of the most popular messengers of our time,but what If we make it even better?Our goal was to make a brand new, modern design and improve the overalluser experience of the application. We provided a more advanced versionfor users who use the app on their computer. We have changed theattachment system and the user profile. Video calls were significantlyimproved.Chat screens are also redesigned and have a new functionality. You can manage your dialogue with gestures. Browse WhatsApp Status of your friends and contacts in dialogs and stay connected at all times. Designers gave up the pattern on the background of a dialogue in favor of classic white. The white background looks more modern and concise.Now, there is a convenient file storage system in WhatsApp. You can view all the files in the chat in a menu, which is fully structured. You do not have to spend hours to find the right document because they add a search bar for this purpose.They have simplified the authorization process. The login process used to take 4 steps, they combined the acceptance of the user agreement with the entry of your phone number.Finally, this very popular app has brand new skin and it will be easier now to use it in your daily routine.WhatsApp Redesign UI Kit was designed by 2muchcoffee Team

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