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Travel App Start Screens UI

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Travel App Start Screens UI - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Booking a holiday – be it a flight, a cruise, a hotel, or all of the above – is a big decision. Its a high consideration purchase that prospective bookers dont take lightly.But time and time again, site visitors are met with cluttered screens, complicated navigation, and unintuitive fields on travel websites. These are just some of the features that understandably frustrate and lead to abandonment.The average sector abandonment rate sits at a worryingly huge 81%, meaning that for every 100 users that visit a travel site. Also, 81 of them are likely to leave it soon after. But its not all doom and gloom. Moreover, 9 travel brands are leading the way by offering potential bookers a user experience that goes above and beyond.App design making use of more widely-known UX patterns to produce smoother user flow between core functions of the application in the order theyre most often utilized.Redesign the visual appearance of the interface brings it in-line with modern smartphone applications.Implement additional features that provide the user with useful information. Also, it assists in planning their movements and keeping the user informed during them.Here we find some start screen which prepares the user for overall experience – modern look, flat graphics and little info to help.Travel App Start Screens UI freebie was designed by sarla devi Download freebie

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