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Travel App iOS and Android

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Traveling is probably in a lot ofyearly to-do listsand most of us are probably in the midst ofplanning our next big tripof the season.One thing wed probably appreciate is an application that is both appealing and simple to use,giving you all the detailed and specific information of a travel destination alongside stunning photos that make you want to be there already. It would be even better if said app also lets youfind hotels, plan accommodations and set itineraries all inside the appon a good-looking interface.On the other side of the fence, creating such apps might bechallenging though not impossible. Many designers have attempted to create the idea of a travel app. And some of them are really good.App design making use of more widely-known UX patterns to produce smoother user flow between core functions of the application in the order theyre most often utilized.Redesign the visual appearance of the interface brings it in-line with modern smartphone applications.Implement additional features that provide the user with useful information. Also, it assists in planning their movements and keeping the user informed during them.This app design is simple and clean but has all you need. Color palette is set in bright colors and white. The pack includes Login screen, some type of blog pages, Maps, Events list, Calendar, Timeline list and Mansory gallery. Everything is editable in Photoshop.Travel App Start Screens UI freebie was designed by Nishant Dogra

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