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Spotify App Redesign

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On the way to/off work, people like listening to music to kill the boring time on the bus and subway. Music is one of the most inspiring “language”. Also, it becomes one of the highest proportion of consumption activities. Though, in the daily Internet life. A good-looking, full-featured music APP can always make users impressed.Spotify is trying again to make its Your Library tab easier to navigate. Itsintroducingdynamic filters, a new grid view, the ability to pin content, and different sorting options. The changes are coming to all users across iOS and Android over the coming week. The filters will likely be the most useful change, with users being able to filter between album, artist, playlist, or podcast. Premium users can also choose to view only downloaded content, which, up until now, has been hard to find within Spotify without scrolling through every artist and album theyve saved.The new design of the Library is meant to be a more personalized version of the current one, going back again to the desktop version with the daily mixes and the uniquely yours features, where the user can enjoy their musical choices. Moreover, the Daily Mixes section includes what the user is listening to on a daily basis. The same was applied to the search design as the user is first offered the option of choosing a specific genre as most people tend to prefer one genre over others, while also being able to type in the search bar.Spotify App Redesign UI Kit freebie was designed by Heba Zatar

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