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Soft App Template

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Soft App Template - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

This App is a stylish mobile UI Kit designed for iOS. It’s perfect for anyone looking to create an e-commerce mobile app as it has views for product category pages and product pages, as well as the usual account settings and login screens. Available in Adobe XD format.

Neumorphic is a free App Template that contains layered app screen designs, covering all the main user flows. All main UI elements are separate on to one artboard, so any element could be directly grabbed from there and be added to your design project. Even though this UI kit is not only for online stores, the components by themselves could be used on a variety of of apps. There are many UI components such as lists, tags, message bubbles, comments, different button states, to name a few. Finally, it is a visual style using inner and outer shadows to create an illusion of soft, extruded shapes.

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Soft App Template is a free Figma template. We really hope you will enjoy this free Figma template. Adobe XD version for this template is also available.

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