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Skra Decorative Free Font

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Skra Decorative Free Font - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Every font tells a story. Once upon a time, serifs ruled the world. When we look at them today, we cant shake the feelings of tradition and elegance. Then, we switched to sans-serifs; practical and highly readable. Fonts that amplify your message.Today, we use all kinds of fonts. Serifs for elegant materials, sans-serifs for making sure that our words resonate, and script fonts for that special aesthetic touch. And while the stakes are always high when it comes to fonts, they are never as high as when it comes to graphic design.Give your logo a fun personality with this modern and quirky sans-serif logo font. Also, its perfect for big displays, so you can use it for online graphics and product packaging, as well. Innovative and unique brands need unique fonts, and has the perfect fit! This bold and beautiful sans-serif offers a retrofuturistic vibe that stands out perfectly on logos, displays, and other marketing materials.Hand-drawn lettersIncludes gritty and standard versionRisk-free money-back guaranteeUnlimitedone-to-one supportSkra – Decorative Free Font was designed by Samson Vowles

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Skra Decorative Free Font is a free Figma template. We really hope you will enjoy this free Figma template. Adobe XD version for this template is also available.

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