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Neumorphism UI Trend 2020

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Neumorphism UI Trend 2020 - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Neumorphism UI Kit for Figma

Neumorphic card pretends to extrude from the background. It’s a raised shape made from the exact same material as the background. When we look at it from the side we see that it doesn’t “float”.

This effect is pretty easy to achieve by playing with two shadows, one at negative values while the other at positive. But for it to work our background cannot be fully black or fully white. It needs at least a tiny bit of tint so both dark and “light” shadows will be visible. You can use any hue for the background so it can be warmer or colder depending on your choice. But white and dark shadows have to be visible on it, if slightly.


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Neumorphism UI Trend 2020 for Figma made OTAKOYI.

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Have you already heard about the recent UI trend called “New skeuomorphism” or Neumorphism? Skeuomorphism describes how interface objects imitate/mimic their real-world counterparts in how they look or how you can interact with them. Neumorphism, in turn, is a bit more minimalistic yet juicier design approach.

For example, using shadows, you can make a “like” button look like a real (material) button that pops out of your screen, making you crave to click it. Isn’t it awesome? This trend might become a real game-changer in UI design.

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