macOS Big Sur Windows and Alerts for Figma and Adobe XD

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macOS Big Sur Windows and Alerts

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macOS Big Sur Windows and Alerts - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

Windows are one of the most basic components you need when building desktop application UIs. No wonder an operating system is named like that

Use this document as a starting point for all your macOS Big Sur designs. Some features:

  • Windows, panels, alerts, and sheets included with all major features you might require (various title bar shadows, traffic lights to disable).
  • Pixel-perfect, including all the visual issues of current macOS Big Sur (Ill fix them when Apple corrects these bugs in upcoming beta seeds).
  • Light and dark theme, including high contrast themes as the accessibility is what you should care about!
  • The vibrancy/transparency tries to be as realistic as possible. macOS Window Server uses GPU shaders to render transparency effects, which means its currently impossible to fully replicate these treatments in Figma.
  • Components and styles everywhere.
  • Auto Layout when possible or needed (its currently impossible to use Auto Layout on window backgrounds due to complex multi-layer composition).
  • All windows use pixel-perfect 9-slice shadows screenshotted directly from living Big Sur, hence including all the blue noise goodness you get there. This remarkably helps to achieve great performance when resizing windows, the rendering is much faster than if dynamic shadow effects were used.

This freebie macOS Big Sur Windows and Alerts was originally shared by Vaclav Vancura on this url.

The categories for this freebie are Uncategorized. Tools used to create this freebie are Figma and Adobe XD.

Helpful hint: If the license is unknown, it is usually because they forgot to mention it explicitly; not because they were being stingy. Before using it for a commerical project, you can ask Vaclav Vancura nicely and they will probably allow you to use it.

macOS Big Sur Windows and Alerts is a free Figma template. We really hope you will enjoy this free Figma template. Adobe XD version for this template is also available.

If you are a Figma user, this free Figma template will be helpful to kickstart your project.

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