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Love and companionship are fundamental human needs. However, its hard for busy modern people to spend quality time searching for the right person. As a result, a dating application has become a valuable service or at least a necessary evil for millions. Its even predicted that by 2031, half of all married couples would have met online.With a demand that high, a matchmaking website or mobile app looks like a promising business. The app UX and UI seem to be its primary advantage over much of the competition.This is a small preview of 3 screens showing the main functionalists of the app. You can check people who also use the app and set a date. The unique side of the app is that it connects all people in the air on that moment.The main idea is the same as the tinder app but for people who are always traveling.From the author:Hello, Presenting you my first ever UI Kit, Onboarding UI Kit for free. The kit contains more than 15 screens and 100 components for you to design onboarding screens faster. Hope you like this UI Kit, and please make sure you like the product. Also, this is my first UI Kit, so please leave your feedback in the comments so that I can improve my future products.Full On Boarding App Design was designed by Salman Khan

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