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Budget Management App

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Budget Management App - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD

This app acts as your financial advocate, studying your debts and bills and recommending strategies to curb those bills and do a better job of paying down that debt. PocketGuard tracks and records all of your spending – even that $5.00 latte at the coffee shop – updating your transactions as they happen, and provides not only a snapshot of your outgoing cash but also a strategy on cutting better deals on ongoing debts like your cell phone or your auto insurance. The app is visually appealing, with plenty of easy-to-understand charts and graphs that break down your financial picture for you.The card UI design for this mobile app, helps users to better categorize lists. Comparing with the traditional UI design, a simple but intuitive advantage of card UI is that it provides the more. Which makes the entire interface clear, balanced, aesthetic, simple, and stylish with good usability.In the statistics section, the user gets information about the latest operations. Also, the format of graphs to get information on expenses in the current month. Moreover, there is a graph comparing the costs of the current and past months.Money manager App was designed by Khondokar Touhid Likhon

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