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Animated Ecommerce Kit

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Animated Ecommerce Kit - Freebies for Figma and Adobe XD not just a matter of sleek graphics and motion effects. Your design needs to employ UX principles that create a seamless shopping experience, so theres no resistance towards reaching the final checkout.Besides reducing friction, the site should reflect your brands value through a clear, intentional style. Having a professional, unified look gives buyers an idea of what your business is about and reads as a sign of your products worth.All together, your site design should build an emotional connection between you and your buyers. UI animations, including loading animations, landing animations, transition animations and login/signup form animations, in webdesigns provide not only a strong visual appeal to grasp the users attention and enrich the entire UI design. They also highlight important UI information/functionality and enhance the UX.This template is a mix of landing page and e-commerce for a lightning company. On the dark background, the light accents are even more noticeable. The color palette contains black, white and yellow. And that is enough! It also has beautiful transitions between interactions. Its design is very minimalistic but user friendly. Users can click to show or hide the brands names depending upon their preferences.From the author:To be honest, it doesn’t feel right that some of our work that we’re proud of never sees the light of day. That’s why we want to share it with you, the community, and there’s no better way to share than to give it away as a freebie!Animated Ecommerce Template designed by Marta LovriFor more about us and our work make sure to checkBehance.

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